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I don't think people read this much anymore, I think it's kinda a waste of time.
All guestlist will now be done on a Thursday via OUR FACEBOOK and OUR TWITTER.
We'll also whack tunes and playlists up there too.

If you still want your guestlist via this blog (maybe you're one of those weirdoes who doesn't do social networking) then feel free to fill in the form - we still get the emails, like!

But, for now, consider this page rested....

Posted By: rigsy


Just ask for yourself, use the form on this page, more places tomorrow HERE and HERE yadda yadda yadda. Everyone on the list gets a message saying so tomorrow at 7pm.

Anyone at Oxegen? Team Sketchy were and Chase & Status stole the show. Near shat me bags when they played this bad boy live....


Posted By: rigsy
06/29/11 we scamble about teh internetz looking for a decent sized upload of the new ducksauce we'll make do with the excitement that goes with playing this wee blinder:


Please just ask for yourself, via the on here....or via FACEBOOK/TWITTER tomorrow. everyone on the list will know about it before 7pm.


Posted By: rigsy

Fair enough, it was a remix, but this was the definite standout last Thursday:

Guestlist open! Use the form on this page! Just ask for yourself! Move via FB and Twitter tomorrow! If you're on the list you get an email saying so! etc!

Posted By: rigsy


Just ask for yourself, please.

If it's your birthday - email for passes.....

More guestlist via Twitter and Facebook tomorrow afternoon!

In the meantime, have a bit of this.

Posted By: rigsy

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